Question from sketching-sherry

Hello there! I just wanted to tell you: WOW! Your art is awesome and rellly inspiring!!! Keep up the good work <33

Thank you!!!! I will try to! thank you very much! ♥♥♥

Question from tom-hiddlefuck

youre art is so pretty you can see so much improvement! ive saw alot of your art around but i never knew who it was untill today! sign everything you draw! its worth it!

ah, I will try to remember to, you’re right„, thank you very much!! I can definitely thank TF2 and porn for the improvement in my art, hah„,

Posted 2/9/14 @ 6:00 AM #

Question from Anonymous

Hey girl, do you have an e-mail address by means of which we fans could contact you? I'd like to ask you your opinion on something but i currently can't do much because my pc broke and also I don't wan't to post my stuff on your page. Thanks in advance

ah!! you can email me at ! now I’m extremely curious anon hahah„, and you can submit stuff to me here if you’re comfortable doing so!!

aww I’m so giddy now hahahehehehe„,

also fans of who now what when why


this is going to sound pretty silly but

if I haven’t been posting is because my health got pretty much rubbish and I physically cannot bear it to sit down for long periods because my vertebrae hurt way too much so

would anyone who usually draws on a tablet while laying down please be kind enough to scribble down for me or just try to teach me in words how you do it?

I have tried many many many times and I just cannot for the life of me figure it out and it’s getting pretty painful.

This is really silly!! I know. But I really miss drawing. And I would really benefit from some help from you people who are more capable than me. So! even if it sounds stupid. Please?

Question from drtanner

You have been tagged! You must tell 5 facts about yourself and then pass it on to your 10 favorite followers! :) (or not. it's up to you.)

I don’t know why Tanner but I would have never taken you for one to enjoy this kinda thing >D thannnnnk you anyway and here goes nuthin

1. I am deathly afraid of moths if I have one near I will run away to my safety screaming like a small frightened woods’ animal

2. I keep my hair very long, it goes all the way down to my waist

3. I want to dye it red because red hair, man. red hair. RED HAIR. but I’m scared it will look too fake and I just want… ginger… hair… and I wouldn’t look believable because my eyes are so dark and… sigh favourite videogame is Final Fantasy IX without a shadow of doubt. It’s one of the biggest formative experiences of my childhood

5. I know for sure I am perfectly able to live off Udon and Udon alone and I fully intend to

I TAG!!!!!
1. hooraycirno 
2. etlen
3. awiunodena
4. piccioninja
5. absenzio 

i hope it’s not a bother???;;

Question from justeletemps

Ohohoh ma non posto mai nulla di interessante .-. solo sapere che esistono persone della mia stessa nazionalità, più o meno della mia età, che condividono una mia ossessione di cui non posso parlare con nessuno è davvero liberatorio :D dovevo dirtelo, ecco v_v

ahh non importa mica se non posti tanto! e oh, io sto scoprendo di recente che tumblr ha una community italiana piuttosto figa (gioia! non mi era mai successo su altri siti haha) quindi sono stracontenta anche io! u v u)

Question from justeletemps

Ok, sei italiana, ami tf2 e disegni meravigliosamente (nella lingua nostrana non rende, gli anglofoni direbbero che i tuoi disegni sono oh so fucking hot). Ciliegina sulla torta, sniperxspy. Ti ho appena conosciuto e già ti voglio bene! (cit.)

wAH WAH WAH GRAZIE„ grazie grazie grazie sei decisamente troppo troppo gentile„ (followo! ♥)

you people are having a field day with my old spy/scout art aren’t you heheheh u v u)